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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does it typically take to launch a new contact center project?

Answer: This depends upon the nature of the project, but RMPDC has launched new contact centers in as little as 12 weeks where hiring, construction and infrastructure were already in place.

Question: How does RMPDC approach business continuity?

Answer: RMPDC strives for 100% up time for both data and telecommunications.  This is accomplished by the following: -Our building has redundant power and telecommunication feeds coming from 2 different sources -We have redundant telephone switches and data servers to mitigate down time. -We perform disaster recover drills where we simulate different catastrophic events. -Finally, we have a secondary recover site that is available should our current facility be uninhabitable.  

Question: What if my call volume is very low?

Answer: RMPDC has a number of contact center models utilized for various call volume scenarios.   We have a program for low call volume projects that provides your patients and consumers access to a healthcare professional 24/7/365.  This type of program is typically billed on a cost per call basis making it very financially palatable.

Question: What is the process for getting a project started?

Answer: We typically start with a discovery meeting where we develop an understanding for the overall scope of your project.  We can identify the resources required and build the timeline to meet your needs.  Email us at to get started.

Question: What types of research studies is RMPDC capable of?

Answer: We have completed a wide variety of research projects tailored to our clients’ data needs, their timelines and their budgets. We can undertake anything from prospective clinical trials (Phase 2 to 4), to observational retrospective studies, to intensive literature and drug safety database reviews. We have organized several national consensus panels for specific development of guidelines for hospital antidote stocking and treatment of chemical agent exposures. We have developed specific data collection systems to gather information related to over-the-counter (OTC) drug safety and prescription drug abuse. Our expertise is being able to develop and complete research studies that best answer the questions of our clients.

Contact Us

For any business inquiries for the Drug Center or the Poison Center, please email us at or call  (866) 871-4980.

In case of poisoning or chemical exposure, dial (800) 222-1222 and speak directly to a poison control specialist. If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.

For any media inquiries, please email