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Nurse Advice – Medical Triage.

The Denver Health NurseLine provides specialized nursing advice and triage for patients. Registered Nurses are staffed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week using triage software and clinical protocols developed by Drs. Barton Schmidt and David Thompson. Schmidt-Thompson guidelines are the “gold standard” for call centers. They provide the highest quality of clinical content and triage advice in the world for adults and pediatrics. NurseLine service offerings are Medical Triage, Worker’s Compensation, and Rest Assured NurseLine Services. All three service offerings provide telephone triage to determine the safest and most cost effective level of treatment.

Medical Triage: This service offers Telephone Triage to clinics, schools, hospitals, insurance providers and other defined patient groups. Registered Nurses collect demographics, medical & medication history, and presenting symptoms. Using clinical guidelines, Registered Nurses assess the caller’s symptoms to provide a comprehensive recommendation for treatment.

Worker’s Compensation: This service offers workers compensation reporting and medical triage on behalf of organizations to their employees. Registered Nurses utilize physician authored occupational injury guidelines determine if the injured employee will need medical evaluation. Whenever medically appropriate the Registered Nurse will recommend home care. Referrals are made to the employers designated providers and follow up information is provided.

Rest Assured NurseLine Services: This service offers Premier Medical Triage to hotels, resorts, and other service industries using Registered Nurses offering immediate access to medical advice. Registered Nurses triage callers using clinical guidelines providing callers with a comprehensive recommendation for treatment, as well as providing the caller with available resources and treatment facility information as needed.

The NurseLine meets URAC standards which ensure licensed individuals perform the clinical aspects of the triage and information is given confidentially and the medical advice is appropriate.

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