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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials without the trials and tribulations.

Through clinical trials, RMPDC evaluates drugs for poisoning treatment applications that involve multi-center operations, study management, data collection, data management, data analysis and reporting. We make it easy for you to stay on budget and gather the data you’re seeking.

We evaluate drugs. We also evaluate drug evaluation processes.

Not only can RMPDC create clinical protocols to answer questions related to efficacy and safety of drugs and devices through all phases of their development, but we can also conduct an evaluation of your current clinical trials if necessary.

A long history of great results.

RMPDC has been conducting research throughout its 50-year history under the guidance of physicians and scientists. In that time, we have helped several drug companies to develop antidotes for poisonings in the US, including:

  • CroFab – North American crotaline snake envenomation
  • DigiFab – cardiac glycoside intoxications
  • Antizol – toxic alcohol (methanol & ethylene glycol) intoxications
  • Acetadote – acetaminophen intoxications
  • Radiogardase – thallium and radiocesium exposures
  • Cyanokit – cyanide exposures

And our clinical studies have involved:

  • Small Animal Toxicity Testing
  • Clinical Trials (Phases II-IV)
  • Protocol Development
  • Operations/Study Management
  • Data Collection & Data Management
  • Analysis & Reporting

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Please click below to view clinical trials currently recruiting healthy volunteers:

Development and Validation of An Electronic Medication History Assessment Tool (eMedHAT®)